Let’s Do MORE!


I like to stay busy, gathering a crowd of support for big ideas. I’m active locally with multiple civic groups including the Wyoming Junior Women’s Club, PSA Green Team, Wyoming Cultural Collaborative, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and I serve as city council rep to the Promote Wyoming Commission and Environmental Stewardship Commission. Like so many of you, I see giving back as a vital part of living in Wyoming. (Check out some of what I was able to accomplish in my first term on Wyoming City Council.)

Professionally, I’ve spent over a decade and a half working in nonprofit advocacy and as a writer covering social justice issues. In the nonprofit community I served people living with HIV/AIDS, worked for environmental conservation in the field and in Washington, D.C., and advocated for workforce training for young adults and women. When I transitioned to full-time writing, naturally, my journalism focused upon the issues I care about most deeply. I have consulted with national organizations at the fore of environmental innovation. As a journalist, I cover women's issues, public health, the environment, social enterprise and politics for a range of local and national publications which have included: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Post Magazine, Slate, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, O Magazine, The Atlantic, Salon, CNNMoney Small Business, GOOD Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine, Catapult, Proto Magazine and many others. 

I spend my days interviewing and listening to people who want and deserve to be heard, both in my work as a writer and on Wyoming’s city council. My job involves truth-telling and connecting with people in a fundamental way. To me, this is basic training for public service.


I understand chasing opportunity

I was a first-generation college graduate, and like many of you, I moved to Wyoming for the opportunity our schools offer our children. We're a community (rightfully) in love with education, and this informs the core of Wyoming's ethos.

I received my undergraduate degree in comparative religion and with honors in philosophy at Westminster College, after also studying abroad in Northern Ireland and Israel. I later graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Chicago's Divinity School where I studied ethics, dabbled in Sanskrit and Hindi, learned about Gandhi's nonviolent struggle against colonialism, and eventually traveled to India. For a girl who grew up in Youngstown without much money, education was my ticket to the world.

As a member of Wyoming's City Council, I have done whatever I could to support our school district and students’ efforts, while also working to make our city as competitive as our schools.

Protecting our planet starts here

My first job out of college was an AmeriCorps position stationed within the Chesapeake watershed. I surveyed more miles of stream-water than I could count, learned to run a chainsaw (to cut back invasive species) and gained an essential understanding of how much sweat and labor goes into mitigating environmental degradation. 

Wyoming already leads the charge in recycling locally. So many people in this city have a deep and personal commitment to environmental protection that I came into this believing we can be leaders on multiple fronts. A term in office has underscored this reality for me. I’ve spearheaded multiple initiatives (e.g., environmental mini-grants for our students, Green Business Awards to reward our environmentally-aware small businesses, grant-writing to fund upcoming pilot compost sites around Wyoming).

I believe we’re only getting started.